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He’s back, in a series of screwball novellas.

This go-round,
the cutie’s thwarting goofy skullduggery in sixteenth-century Europe.

* * * ..

It was a time of turmoil. 

A measure of social mobility was possible for the first time, with brains and pluck the key to advancement. Into the muck and the murk I’ve flung Sylvester Boots. He pokes his digits into many a pie, including a putrid Traitor’s Pie in Elizabethan England..

He and a rotating cast of nitwits

bully and bluff their way across Europe in a saga of misery and mayhem, filled with vibrant personalities including a Queen Elizabeth-wannabe monkey and a mentally unstable frog who believes himself an enchanted prince.
My sad-sacks deal with injustice, with personal failures, and with heartbreak. I butt in, discussing situations and making suggestions which are seldom helpful.

Meet (a few of) my goofballs. Right, top to bottom:

ELIZABETH I: Here she is at mid-life, I would say. Her face is a bit careworn.
JOHN DEE: Elizabeth’s Royal Astrologer, and a foremost mathematician. He believed he could talk to angels. So why not to a cat?
SLY, dressed as a sultan for a masquerade ball.
SHA-SHA, Sly’s sweetie. He runs into her at the English court–she’s the Queen’s beloved pet. That’s her, bottom right, dressed as a harem-girl, partnering Sly’s sultan. They make a cute couple, don’t they? Yes, she’s a monkey. A douc langur, to be exact. Doucs have been called the most beautiful of all the primates.

* * *

My Puss (I call him Sly) loves boots too.

Other than that he’s a very different animal. Turn the virtual page to check him out.

But first . . .

How’s about taking a look at my newest creation . . . my newest obsession . . .
my newest addition to the genre I call

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Maisie, Her Rise and Fall:
From Kansas to Broadway, on to Hollywood (thanks to W.C Fields),
to Paris, to London, then back to Tinseltown, where she tries to revive her fading career.
From there she hits the skids, she’s back where she started,
teaching the latest dance steps in dingy Manhattan supper clubs.
She’s full of piss and vinegar all the way.
Here are a few more of her outfits.
The doll/figure itself will be on the back cover of the book.
She does have a tail. It’s attached to the figure.


this art and much, much more wil be assembled in a print-book.
(Paper dolls should be cut out and played with, right?)
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(I’m clueless at present )
reach me at mimispeike@att.net
and maisieinhollywood@gmail.com

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