Sly: A Rogue Reconsidered.



A twisted tale presented in a series

of screwball novellas:


1 / The Rogue Decamps

2 / The Rogue At Sea

3 / A Star Is Born

4 / A Dainty Dish

5 / The Unravel

6 / A Fool In Love

7 / The Rogue Rebuked

8 / Paying The Piper

9 / The Frog Who Would Be King

10 / The Rogue Goes Home

11 / A Cumbrian Lad


A kick-ass cat, renowned scientist, 

assorted goofball nobilities, and abundant

smart-mouths of several species

cavort in an Early Modern Europe
you won’t find in the history books.




to see book six, Paying The Piper.

Why do I start with book six?
It’s the only episode completely done.
(The rest is well underway.)

Five chapters of book one, offered here,
(see the menu above)
will give you the flavor of the whole.