I‘ll add art as I create it.
Here’s Royal Archer Sly.

                     An Icon of Children’s Literature Reimagined in a Series of Paper Dolls



Remember the Katy Keene paper doll on the comic page in newspapers? No, I don’t suppose you do. That would have been the late fifties. Well, readers were encouraged to send in suggestions for outfits. You got a credit on the illustration. I’ll give you a credit and a free signed paper doll. The outfit/occupation has to figure in my story. No space cadets, please.

Email me at theroguedecamps@gmail.com with your requests.
I have a ton of ideas, but you may find a fine nonsense I’ve bypassed.













Something coming here, don’t know what.

Okay, the obvious answer is a cat and a fiddle. And that works with the story. Years earlier, in London, Sly had worked with a street-corner busker, playing a variety of instruments. I bet he played a fiddle, standing it upright and plucking it with his claws.

When he gets to Queen Elizabeth’s court he’ll wow her with his musical talent. I’d love to have Sha accompany him on the harp.

Hold the phone! Next outfit will be Robin Hood. As a kit, after pirate, Sly adored playing Robin Hood. He’ll dress as Robin Hood for the masquerade ball at which he meets Sha-Sha. I’ve found some super bits, belts, straps, a great medieval-looking quiver, a terrific leather half-mask. I cobble my images from the pieces I find, manipulating, adding filters, redrawing at times, reworking, almost painting. I’m hoping I find my path to actual painting in Photoshop.

It’s the pieces I find combing the web for reference material that get me excited.

Royal Archer, Robin Hood, damn close. And, this works in perfectly with his pride in being appointed a Royal Archer. I’ll get to the cat and the fiddle, but right now, Robin Hood has my full attention.

A new nonsense will show up here eventually.

Check back, eh?